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Item Number 12 EZ ON
Manufacturer Part No 12 EZ ON
Bag of 12 EZ ON Vinyl Clips The hotwire clip that actually works!

Product Description

EZ On Vinyl Clips- bag (12)
Bag of 12 EZ ON Vinyl Clips

EZ on Vinyl Clips are:
- Safe and Secure
- High-Quality High-Density Construction
- Holds Electrical Wire, Cable, and Tape
- Immune to Temperature Extremes

The EZ ON Vinyl hot wire fence clip is a unique, innovative and revolutionary new product for insulating electric wire being applied to vinyl post-and-rail fencing. This new patented product is easily applied to both existing and new fencing, is safe for horses and livestock, and is pleasant to look at.

The inventor of EZ ON Vinyl clips understands the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl fence.  Though PVC fence is esthetically pleasing and tends to increase the property's value, its shortcomings are amplified when livestock lean against or dislodge the rails.  EZ ON Vinyl clips used in conjunction with electric wire, light cable or tape eliminates this problem and keeps your horses and livestock safe.

EZ ON Vinyl clips are designed specifically for PVC posts, and provide an effective long term solution to preventing livestock leaning on PVC fencing.

EZ ON Vinyl fence clips can save the owner both time and money. This is attributed to minimal product acquisition cost, less installation time, ease of installation, as well as fewer veterinary bills due to reduced injury from coming in contact with fencing.

It Goes on Easy and Is Easy On Your Fence!

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