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White Lightning Coated wire 1320ft Roll

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: $175.00
Item Number: 380006
Manufacturer: ES Robbins
Manufacturer Part No: 380006


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White Lightning HTP

White Lightning is a unique co-polymer coated 12.5 gauge galvanized high-tensile steel wire. Similar to ordinary high-tensile electric fence wire, yet superior in quality and safety due to its horse-friendly co-polymer coating. White Lightning incorporates highly visible with polymer and highly charged black carbon to create the perfect fence. White Lightning carries a 20 year limited warranty.

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S17 Solar
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S17 Solar
Powers up to 10 acres (1 mile) of multi-wire fence. One of the best solar chargers on the market! The best part is the battery is built right into it. We sell a lot of these with no customer complaints.
Spinning Jenny
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Spinning Jenny
Spinning jenny fits all Centaur products and high tensile wire.
Insultube 100ft roll
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Insultube 100ft roll
Insultube Use for the alternative types of insulation on White Lightning® and wire. Available in white and black 100' rolls.
Undergate Cable 100ft Black
: $25.00
Undergate Cable 100ft Black
Undergate Cable is used to carry power from the energizer to fence, connect one line to another, and bury under gates. Specially designed polymer coating protects against voltage leakage in extreme conditions.
Fence Alert
: $21.00
Fence Alert
Light flashes if fence voltage is low or during loss of power. Just clip it and turn it on. Can be seen from a mile away.
Brace Pins 25/pk
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Brace Pins 25/pk
Brace Pins are used when installing an H-brace.
Screws 2 1/2 inch 1lb box (108 each) Centaur
: $13.00
Screws 2 1/2 inch 1lb box (108 each) Centaur
This screw has a steel core with a special coating to prevent rust. The special coating is important because of the new pressure treating process. A typical deck screw will not last when used with pressure treated lumber or posts.
Wire Links 12.5 Gauge 3/pk
: $11.95
Wire Links 12.5 Gauge  3/pk
Securely splices wire together with a smooth safe splice. No special tools needed. Strip approximately 1" of polymer coating and insert bare wire into wire link. Use 12.5 gauge link for White Lightning® and PolyPlus
Diagonal Brace Plates 8/pk
: $9.50
Diagonal Brace Plates 8/pk
An 8 pack of diagonal plates to brace your fence.Diagonal Brace Plate Makes a secure connection between brace and post without notching. Allows for solid, long-lasting braces.
Ratchet Tensioner Handle
: $8.50
Ratchet Tensioner Handle
Used for Tensioner (Ratchet style)
: $7.25
The Insulalted Fencer's Lasso® is a bullnose insulator with a pre-attached cable, pre-formed loop and ratchet Tensionser. Will fit up to 8" diameter post. Make electric or non electric terminations in less time than it takes to get it out of package!
Line Tap Connector 4 PK
: $5.00
Line Tap Connector 4 PK
Slotted bolt type connector used to make electrical connections. Eliminates power loss from poor connections.
Corner Lag Insulator
: $2.30
Corner Lag Insulator
Lag Corner Insulator The Lag Corner Insulator screws directly into wooden corner posts while holding the high-tension wire away from the post to prevent grounding of the electric current.

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