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TAG Arena and Corral Groomer 3 Point with 125 Gallon Water Tank

Item Number Tag Groomer Water
Manufacturer Triton Barns Manufacturing Division
Manufacturer Part No Tag Groomer

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Features of the Triton Arena Groomer Triton Pull Behind Arena Groomers provide just the equipment you need to keep riding surfaces in tip-top condition.

Product Description

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Features of the Triton Arena Groomer

Triton Pull Behind Arena Groomers provide just the equipment you need to keep riding surfaces in tip-top condition. Whether you are maintaining a show ring for a major horse event or you just want to keep your home exercise area smooth and level, our line of grooming equipment includes a groomer to suit your needs.

Our Pull Behind Arena Groomers can be towed behind almost any lawn or garden tractor, ATV, utility vehicle, or 4-wheeler while our larger units mount on a standard 3-point hitch. 

Your Triton Arena Groomer easy to operate and lets you obtain first class results in the least amount of time.

Two features that set your Triton Arena Groomer apart from others are:

  • The ability to reach into tight spaces such as the sharp corner of a dressage arena or underneath a show jump without dismounting from the tractor, and;
  • The capability of our blades to move material, level the surface, and smooth out lumps without digging in or creating a washboard surface without any special operator skills.

The most critical operations in preparing an arena include breaking up compacted dirt; moving dirt from wherever it has been thrown by horses' hooves and leveling and conditioning the surface.  Your Triton Arena Groomer achieves all of these tasks with ease and with little operator effort.

Arena GroomerCapabilities

  • Leveling and conditioning the riding surface
  • Loosening hard or compacted surfaces prior to smoothing out the surface
  • Well controlled depth of cut to protect the subsurface or buried drainage pipes as the top or riding surface is reconditioned
  • Breaking up lumps and clods
  • Filling low spots, moving surface material to fill ruts and riding tracks
  • Retrieving surface material from under rails, against arena walls and from the corners of the arena
  • Spreading and leveling newly added material
  • Works well with all surface types: sand, clay, dirt, gravel, crushed rock or concrete, mulch, peat, and synthetic surfaces
  • Watering - Use our Water Applicators to keep the dust down, help prevent cracks in clay surfaces, control the texture of  the footing
  • Dragging - Use our TAG D Mesh Drag for the final step to leave a picture perfect surface
  • Bumper Bar or Bumper Wheel Standard Option
  • Tow up to 50 mph down road!
  • Blade rotates up to 30 degrees each direction!
  • Adjustable Depth Blade
  • Adjustable Depth Tires
  • Hitch Standard to Pull Water Trolleys
  • Water Tanks: 55 and 125 Gallon
  • Electronic Boost Pump Optional
  • Hot Dip Galvanized - Rust Free
  • High Carbon Steel 14 Gauge Frame
  • Tampered Wheel Bearings with Heavy Duty Hubs
  • High Carbon Steel Blade for No Wear Long Life

If you have a small arena, the smaller arena groomers will easily suit your needs. If your arena is larger, the bigger Triton Arena Groomers will provide for faster grooming with quicker and superior results.

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