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Centaur HTP 5" Rail 330' Roll

Item Number 381001, 381004, 381007
Manufacturer ES Robbins / Centaur HTP
Manufacturer Part No 381001, 381004, 381007

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It’s a five-inch polymer “rail,” with three 12.5 gauge high tensile wires embedded for extreme strength. Available in black, white or brown. Offers 4050lbs break strength per rail! 30 yr warranty ~ use the two piece bracket -40F to +140F

Product Description

Centaur HTP®

HTP ® isn’t rigid like PVC, pipe, and wood fencing. It doesn’t knife through flesh like traditional high tensile wiring. It doesn’t break. It doesn’t splinter. It doesn’t rot, rust, warp or fade. It doesn’t “pop free for safety,” allowing your horses to gallop down the road. And it doesn’t require constant maintenance and painting.

HTP ® is High Tensile Polymer, a proprietary technology that fully encases tensioned wires with our own special polymer to create a truly unique fencing system. Available only through Centaur HTP ® Fencing Systems, HTP ® is the foundation of all our equine fencing products, from the economical PolyPlus HTP ® to the premium “estate fencing” look of our Centaur HTP ® . Every HTP ® product is truly “Twice the Fence.” In other words, when you compare each of our HTP ® products to the closest alternative, you’re getting two or more times the safety and durability for a similar cost


Centaur HTP

Centaur HTP ® is the flagship product of Centaur HTP ® Fencing Systems. It’s a five-inch polymer “rail,” with three 12.5 gauge high tensile wires imbedded for extreme strength. Available in black, white or brown in 660' and 330' lengths, it is installed as a continuous loop around your entire area to be fenced, and attached to your own fence posts with our patented “Belt Loop” Bracketing System. Because it’s a continuous loop (rather than rigid individual rails of 8, 10, or 12 feet), and because the Belt Loop Brackets allow the Centaur HTP ® rail to slip freely, any impact to the fence is absorbed and dissipated down the entire length of the fence to protect your horses and keep your fence intact.

Centaur HTP ® carries a 30 year limited warranty, but as the earliest test installations near that age, we find them to be in near-perfect condition, so your 30-year fence might easily end up being a 30-year (or more) fence. Centaur HTP ® won’t rust, rot, warp, splinter, chip, peel, stretch, fade or shatter? a fact confirmed by both our QUV tester (an accelerated weatherometer that mimics a lifetime of wear in a short time) and by thousands of installations.

Correct installation is key to the success of your Centaur HTP ® fence, but it’s easy enough that many owners tackle it themselves. Follow our recommendations on post selection and installation, and you’ll be virtually maintenance-free for the lifetime of the fence. Just think, no painting, no rail replacement, no fence replacement for decades!

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