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Fence Tools Splicers Crimps

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Barbed Staples box (40 lbs)
: $98.00
Barbed Staples box  (40 lbs)
Staples/Barbed Galvanized barbed staples eliminates rust staining. Available in 1-3/4"
Crimp Fitting Tool (12.5 ga)
: $60.00
Crimp Fitting Tool (12.5 ga)
use with crimp fittings 385283 12.5-ga
Wire Links 12.5 Gauge 3/pk
: $13.00
Wire Links 12.5 Gauge  3/pk
Securely splices wire together with a smooth safe splice. No special tools needed. Strip approximately 1" of polymer coating and insert bare wire into wire link. Use 12.5 gauge link for White Lightning® and PolyPlus
Crimps for 12.5 Gauge Wire 10 PK
: $2.25
Crimps for 12.5 Gauge Wire 10 PK
Crimp Fitting For fast and easy splicing for 12.5 ga ***Crimp fitting tool required 385112