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Round Pen Revolution 50ft - 80ft Includes bowgate

Manufacturer Triton Barns Manufacturing Division
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A very unique *OPEN LEG design so no hooves can get cast through openings and injuring your horse! Click more info to read all about it. *SAFE, smooth seamless joints 25 YEAR WARRANTY

Product Description


All hot dip galvanized both inside and outside tubing

Price ~
50' 4335.00
60' 4963.00
70' 5591.00
80' 6219.00
Price includes Bow gate & shipping  (shipping to the West Coast could have additional fees)
  • Heavy Duty 16 gauge 1.75” round tubing
  • All cope (saddle cut) welded joints.
  • FULL 6 ft high!! 6 bars!!
  • 10 ft Standard Panel Width
  • 4-5 week leadtime for the 50 & 60 ft & 6-8 week leadtime for the 70 & 80 ft
  • SAFE, smooth seamless joints.
  • Safe single post design, not 2 posts at every joint that would create a gap that a foot can get stuck in.
  • Open leg design so no hooves can get cast through openings and injuring your horse!
  • Lightweight, but strong and sturdy and easy to move!
  • Flexible joint, able to go from a straight line up to 40 ft diameter.
  • Connector Joint is self contained inside tubing for safety so no one can get caught on connector.
  • Panels fit one to the next together; each of the 6 horizontal tubular bars has a vertical bolt that drops through a heavy 3/8” thick flat tab that is welded to the next panel.
  • The tab is completely hidden inside the tube. It is slotted to allow panel movement to go from a straight line to a 40 ft radius.
  • The end of each tube is coped cut so it forms itself around the vertical post both for aesthetics and safety.
  • Unique storage design: the panels ‘fit’ together so you can store 2 panels in the same space by facing them and stacking.
  • Easy for shipping and less damage to freight.
  • Custom fabrication available.
  • Powdercoated colors available over the top of hot dip galvanizing.



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